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Rudy Simone “Aspergirls”


  • /…/ some gifted kids with autism should be allowed to skip high school and go right to college and I couldn’t agree with her more. We flourish so much better in an environment where the emphas is on academic achievement and not socializing.
  • Emotionally, we require an atmosphere of tolerance and non judgment.
  • The reason many adults with Asperger like to be alone is because we simply get used to it, starting at an early age.
  • Sometimes we just can’t get rid of unwanted images so we may be quite selective about what we want to see.
  • We miss the obvious and see what is not obvious to others.
  • Advice to parents: watch for signs of physical and emotional discomfort in your child and don’t expect them to just “get over it”. Remove the source or remove them from the source.
  • Our emotions are raw, immature, childlike. Nowhere is this more apparent than when we get excited.
  • As usual, we march to our own drum.
  • One of the things that has recurred throughout my life is a feeling that I should be doing better, that I should be able to handle a job/relationship/life/whatever, better than I am. /…/ I felt incredibly flawed and vulnerable and I just couldn’t figure out why.
  • ..fear of change, emotional immaturity, obsessive behaviour, need for control, inflexibility, depression, self-absorption.
  • I have never felt female or able to be “one of the girls”. I actually feel as if I am half male and half female.
  • I always felt like an empty vessel that needed to be filled with experiences so that I could craft an identity out of them. Other people, throughout my life, seemed like they already had identities and therefore, seemingly, had less need for experiences.
  • “When put on the spot or in an intense situatsion, I seize up and can’t get words to form a sentence. It is the most frustrating thing in the world. It puts a lot of strain on my relationships and does nothing good for my self-esteem.”
  • I do think we are supersensitive and pick up vibes from people and if we pick up something negative, it shuts us down.
  • We need to practice speaking. /…/ we just need to practice talking.
  • Girls are “supposed” to play hard to get, but Aspergirls don’t play games. Besides not understanding gender roles and expectations, we are logical, direct creatures. We may think things like “I want to go out with him; therefore I should ask him out,” and set ourselves up for ridicule and rejection.
  • Once you’ve been bullied it gives you a glimpse into the darker side of human nature that other people may rarely, if ever, see.
  • Looking for reasons to leave, burning bridges, and quitting before we fail is an Asperger specialty, one that we need to watch out for.
  • In a world which is hard to navigate /…/ we have to learn to rely on our higher sense and trust – both in our own abilities and in the ability of the universe to provide us what we need.
  • We tend to be archers when it comes to verbal communication – direct and to the point.
  • Find a good friend even if it is just one, who really and truly gets you.
  • There is a cause for everything.
  • To like someone is more important than to love them.
  • “I cannot work with others without conflict and worry, confusion and exhaustion.”
  • Burning bridges is often the result of depression meltdowns. The clouds won’t lift so we seek new horizons, a new stage on which to perform our play.
  • Too many aspergirls are left alone in life, in their bedrooms, apartments etc to muddle through this thing alone.
  • “Burn it all and rise from the ashes.”
  • Ignorant parents are an Aspergirl’s worst torture. /…/ they don’t understand how sensitive you are, and how dark that dark place is. If they knew better, they would do better. They don’t realize how much they are hurting you.
  • “failure to develop peer relationships” – we do develop them briefly, but then we toss them away.
  • Aspergirls are highly functional in some ways, people look at us and think “there’s nothing wrong with you, go get a job,”
  • “I have spent many tears, praying for people to be less cruel to her. So, so many examples.” (Aspergirl’s mom)