Arhiiv kuupäevade lõikes: 13/05/2014

Jenny Smedley “A year with the angels”


  • Watch out for the things that excite you – these are the things you should be doing.
  • Never save things for the “best”, but enjoy your treasures every day. A smile, a touch of the hand.
  • Real love never dies, it just changes form.
  • Home is where the harmony is.
  • The use of kites and balloons, the study of the stars and the moon, appreciation of clouds and birds – all these things lift your eyes, and when you lift your eyes you lift your spirits, too.
  • It may seem harsh, but if someone is damaging your soul, you owe it to yourself to stay away from them.
  • When you’re feeling happy and are generating positive energy, miracles are more likely to happen.
  • Taking the easy way out will harm you in the long run.
  • The fact is, that we, as humans, find it easier to step into our spiritual selves if we have a logical pathway to lead us there.
  • Write anything at all that comes to you down on a piece of paper and meditate on it. You should see it all come together and solidify into something meaningful. Thus, things that have seemed “wrong”, will now seem “right” after all.