Marilyn Monroe “Fragmendid”

  • I think that love bravely is the best and accept – as much as one can bear.
  • When one wants to stay alone as my love indicates the other must stay apart.
  • I’m a dancer who cannot dance.
  • My most precious liquid must never spill your precious liquid life force they are all my feelings no matter what
  • Only parts of us will ever touch parts of others – one’s own truth is just that really – one’s own truth. We can only share the part that is within another’s knowing acceptable so one is for most part alone. As it is meant to be in evidently in nature – at best perhaps it could make our understanding seek another’s loneliness out.
  • Starting tomorrow I will take care of myself for that’s all I really have and as I see it now have ever had.
  • I have hopes of finally establishing a piece of ground for myself to stand on, instead of the quicksand I have always been in.


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